IC card prepaid water meter

                          Direct drinking water plastic shell

                          Product details

                          Product application:

                          It is applicable to the prepayment management mode of property and water companies.

                          Product features:

                          The base table can be magnetic or non-magnetic wet type or magnetic or non-magnetic dry type, with accurate and reliable remote data transmission.

                          Bluetooth communication is optional, and mobile phone APP/ WeChat official account is used to achieve mobile payment.

                          The counter of the wet type base meter can be in the form of full liquid seal or half liquid seal, and the reading of the counter disk is clear.

                          There is no need for wiring through pipes or through walls. It is especially suitable for the old occasions where it is difficult to reconstruct and install wiring.

                          Buy water first and then use water, which can realize step-by-step water price.

                          With valve control function, remote control user water switch, low power design, longer battery life.

                          Detachable structure design, can replace battery and communication components on site, easy to upgrade and maintain.

                          The base table can be dry multi flow or wet multi flow.

                          Tap water can be equipped with iron case / copper case / plastic case base table, and direct drinking water can be equipped with stainless steel case / plastic case base table.

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