Large diameter remote water meter

                          Horizontal spiral wing type

                          Product details

                          Product application:

                          Record the accumulated flow and instantaneous flow of cold (hot) drinking water flowing through the tap water pipeline. This series of water meters is equipped with direct reading and remote transmission module, and adopts photoelectric direct reading reading and reading technology to directly read the current dial readings, with the accuracy of 100%. Digital signal output is suitable for the monitoring system of water company's large meter and the secondary measurement system of enterprises and universities.

                          Product features:

                          Ws type vertical screw wing type large diameter water meter focuses on the advantages of horizontal screw wing type water meter and rotor type water meter, and adopts full flow detection.

                          With advanced copper sealing technology, the overall protection level reaches IP68, ensuring no moisture and surface fogging.

                          Infrared photoelectric transmission sampling is adopted, which is not affected by ambient light.

                          It is designed with low power consumption and only powered by the acquisition equipment for a short time when reading. The electronic unit has a long service life.

                          The strong current power supply is physically isolated from the water meter with high insulation strength to ensure safe use.

                          The sensor is non-magnetic and non-contact, and there is no external magnetic interference that causes inaccurate reading.

                          Use M-BUS or RS485 interface to realize data remote transmission.

                          The electromechanical conversion module adopts plug and pull design, which can be installed independently with the water meter and can be disassembled.

                          It supports the output of various standard communication interfaces and can be easily and quickly accessed to various management and scheduling systems.


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